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Appraising a car is the act of determining a market value after considering factors such as age, vintage, rarity, mileage and comparable sales. Appraising the value of an automobiles is a skill that anyone can learn but few actually master. We can help you do it!


We have dedicated many years on restoring cars.Our vehicles are for the special collector who wants the restoration done their way. Here, you set the specifications and standards; you choose the color combination and the options. As we say from worthless to priceless!


Auto detailing is the performance of through cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.With many years of exeperience we give you the best quality in detailing!


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Classic cars have their own great designs and characteristics , but it is often spoiled by some unreliability and breakdowns , a well serent spend upgrades can often alleviate these problems some of event planner wholesale decor and of which were inherent to the floral delivery toronto and the vehicle when it was new , this allows car owners to appreciate the corporate event decor and the beauty and driving experience of wedding backdrop rental toronto and of the catering equipment rental toronto and the classic car knowing that its reliability and safety has been enchanced , most upgrades are hardly noticeable without


In need of a classic rides for a shoot,production or TV show. Feel free to contact us. We might just have what you are looking for.