Guam legalizes adult-use cannabis!

Guam legalizes adult-use cannabis!

Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has finalized into law the bill legalizing the recreational utilization of cannabis regarding the U.S. area territory. The legislation cbd oilrating site enables people aged 21 and older to own as much as 28 grms or one ounce of cannabis.

Medical cannabis was already legalized in Guam in 2014.

Gov. Guerrero finalized the balance on 4, 2019, which was a week after april lawmakers narrowly passed it. He thinks that they need to control cannabis: to go on it and get a grip on it, to monitor its usage and its particular impacts, to enable visitors to inhabit a safer environment, also to advantages of its medicinal properties.

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Residents will need to hold back until regulations have now been establishedby the brand new Cannabis Control Board, in addition to authorized by Legislature before they will legally be able to access the medication.

The nine-member Cannabis Control Board is accountable for overseeing cannabis testing, licensing, production, and packaging. It absolutely was abandoned to a to formulate the regulations for the implementation of the new year legislation.

Guam Senator Clynt Ridgell additionally said that they want a assessment facility before cannabis product sales can commence.

The brand new legislation also permits visitors to grow as much as six cannabis flowers in their house for individual usage. The application of cannabis in driving and public beneath the impact are forbidden.

Furthermore, underneath the new law, companies can continue steadily to enforce a drug-free workplace and a zero-tolerance policy of drug abuse in the workplace.

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